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hugin_utils::TRANSFORM Namespace Reference


struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::DegToRad
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::RadToDeg
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::ERectToRect
 transform for equirectangular to rectangular. More...
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::RectToERect
 transform for rectangular to equirectangular. More...
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::CartToImg
 convert cartesian coordinates to image coordinates More...
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::ImgToCart
 convert image coordinates to mathematical rectangular coordinates. More...
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::RotERect
 rotate and move equirectangular orientation. More...
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::Translate
 translation: dest = src - [x y] More...
struct  hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::InvRotERect
 inverse rotate and move equirectangular orientation. More...


double calcRectFocalLength (double hfov, double width)
void rotatePoint (FDiff2D &dest, FDiff2D src, double angle)

Function Documentation

double calcRectFocalLength double  hfov,
double  width

void rotatePoint FDiff2D dest,
FDiff2D  src,
double  angle

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