lfeat Namespace Reference


class  lfeat::bounded_set< _Key, _Compare >
class  lfeat::BoxFilter
struct  lfeat::SampleSpec
class  lfeat::CircularKeyPointDescriptor
class  lfeat::Homography
class  lfeat::Image
class  lfeat::KeyPoint
class  lfeat::KeyPointPtrSort
class  lfeat::KeyPointDescriptor
 Abstract base class for all keypoint descriptors. More...
class  lfeat::KeyPointInsertor
class  lfeat::KeyPointDetector
struct  lfeat::ImageInfo
class  lfeat::KeypointWriter
 Base class for a keypoint writer. More...
class  lfeat::SIFTFormatWriter
class  lfeat::DescPerfFormatWriter
class  lfeat::AutopanoSIFTWriter
struct  lfeat::Math
class  lfeat::LUT< LBound, UBound, TResult, TArg >
struct  lfeat::PointMatch
class  lfeat::PointMatchPtrSort
class  lfeat::Ransac
class  lfeat::SieveExtractor< _Key >
class  lfeat::Sieve< _Key, _Compare >
class  lfeat::WaveFilter


typedef boost::shared_ptr<
typedef std::vector< KeyPointPtrKeyPointVect_t
typedef std::vector< KeyPointPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<
typedef std::vector< PointMatchPtrPointMatchVector_t


int fsign (double x)
bool Givens (double **C, double *d, double *x, double *r, int N, int n, int want_r)
ostreamoperator<< (ostream &o, const Homography &H)
bool operator< (const KeyPoint &iA, const KeyPoint &iB)
ImageInfo LFIMPEX loadKeypoints (const std::string &filename, KeyPointVect_t &insertor)

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<KeyPoint> lfeat::KeyPointPtr

Definition at line 110 of file KeyPoint.h.

Referenced by PanoDetector::BuildKDTreesInImage(), DetectKeypoints(), PanoDetector::FilterKeyPointsInImage(), loadSIFTKeypoints(), PanoDetector::MakeKeyPointDescriptorsInImage(), KeyPointVectInsertor::operator()(), parseOptions(), PanoDetector::RemapBackKeypoints(), and PanoDetector::writeKeyfile().

typedef std::vector<KeyPointPtr> lfeat::KeyPointVect_t

Definition at line 111 of file KeyPoint.h.

Referenced by DetectKeypoints(), and PanoDetector::MakeKeyPointDescriptorsInImage().

typedef std::vector<KeyPointPtr>::iterator lfeat::KeyPointVectIt_t

Definition at line 112 of file KeyPoint.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr<PointMatch> lfeat::PointMatchPtr

Definition at line 52 of file PointMatch.h.

Referenced by TestCode::drawRansacMatches(), lfeat::Homography::estimate(), PanoDetector::FilterMatchesInPair(), lfeat::Homography::initMatchesNormalization(), and PanoDetector::RansacMatchesInPairCam().

typedef std::vector<PointMatchPtr> lfeat::PointMatchVector_t

Definition at line 53 of file PointMatch.h.

Referenced by PanoDetector::RansacMatchesInPairCam(), and PanoDetector::RansacMatchesInPairHomography().

Function Documentation

int fsign double  x  )  [inline]

Definition at line 36 of file Homography.cpp.

Referenced by Givens().

bool lfeat::Givens double **  C,
double *  d,
double *  x,
double *  r,
int  N,
int  n,
int  want_r

Definition at line 243 of file Homography.cpp.

References fsign().

Referenced by lfeat::Homography::estimate().

ImageInfo lfeat::loadKeypoints const std::string filename,
KeyPointVect_t insertor

Definition at line 87 of file KeyPointIO.cpp.

References identifySIFTKeypoints(), and loadSIFTKeypoints().

Referenced by PanoDetector::LoadKeypoints().

bool operator< const KeyPoint &  iA,
const KeyPoint &  iB

Definition at line 102 of file KeyPoint.h.

References lfeat::KeyPoint::_score.

ostream & lfeat::operator<< ostream o,
const Homography &  H

Definition at line 117 of file Homography.cpp.

References lfeat::Homography::_H.

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