makefile Namespace Reference


class  Anything
 This one only inserts some Text, not doing anything else. More...
class  AutoVariable
 GNU Make has automatic Variables, which can not be defined and have names consisting of one special character. More...
class  Comment
 Encapsulates a Comment. More...
class  Conditional
 Makefiles can have conditional parts, that are only seen by make if the condition is true. More...
class  ConditionalEQ
class  ConditionalNEQ
class  ConditionalDEF
class  ConditionalNDEF
class  Makefile
 Container and Manager for all our MakefileItems. More...
class  MakefileItem
 The virtual baseclass for all objects that appear in the Makefile. More...
class  PrimaryMakefileItem
 This class is used to mark MakefileItems that can be used directly, like most can. More...
class  Manageable
 Marks classes that the Manager should handle. More...
class  Manager
 Provides object management features for easy using of the lib. More...
class  Newline
 Simply prints newlines. More...
class  Rule
 Represents a makefile rule, including Prerequisite and Command. More...
class  StringAdapter
 Adapts a string of wide or narrow characters to a narrow character std::string. More...
class  Variable
 Holds name and value of a makefile variable. More...
class  VariableDef
 Represents the Definition of a Variable in the makefile. More...
class  VariableRef
 Represents the Reference of a Variable in the makefile. More...


namespace  tester


typedef char char_type
typedef unsigned char uchar_type
typedef std::basic_filebuf<
 streams, use the extended fstream versions from boost::filesystem.
typedef boost::filesystem::basic_ifstream<
typedef std::basic_istream<
typedef boost::filesystem::basic_fstream<
typedef boost::filesystem::basic_ofstream<
typedef std::basic_ostream<
typedef std::basic_string<
typedef boost::filesystem::path path
 paths from boost::filesystem
typedef boost::regex regex


static const string prefix (cstr("\n# "))
const std::locale GetMakefileLocale ()
ostreamoperator<< (ostream &stream, MakefileItem &item)
 Allows writing to ostreams.
string operator+ (const string &str, MakefileItem &item)
 Allows adding strings an MakefileItems.
string operator+ (MakefileItem &item, const string &str)
 Allows adding strings an MakefileItems.

Typedef Documentation

typedef char makefile::char_type

Definition at line 50 of file char_type.h.

typedef unsigned char makefile::uchar_type

Definition at line 51 of file char_type.h.

typedef std::basic_filebuf<char_type> makefile::filebuf

streams, use the extended fstream versions from boost::filesystem.

Definition at line 55 of file char_type.h.

typedef boost::filesystem::basic_ifstream<char_type> makefile::ifstream

Definition at line 56 of file char_type.h.

typedef std::basic_istream<char_type> makefile::istream

Definition at line 57 of file char_type.h.

typedef boost::filesystem::basic_fstream<char_type> makefile::fstream

Definition at line 58 of file char_type.h.

typedef boost::filesystem::basic_ofstream<char_type> makefile::ofstream


Definition at line 59 of file char_type.h.

typedef std::basic_ostream<char_type> makefile::ostream

Definition at line 60 of file char_type.h.

typedef std::basic_string<char_type> makefile::string


Definition at line 63 of file char_type.h.

typedef boost::filesystem::path makefile::path

paths from boost::filesystem

Definition at line 74 of file char_type.h.

typedef boost::regex makefile::regex


Definition at line 76 of file char_type.h.

Function Documentation

static const string makefile::prefix ( cstr("\n# ")   )  [static]

Referenced by PanoPanel::DoSendToBatch(), PanoPanel::DoStitch(), PanoPanel::DoUserDefinedStitch(), ProjectListBox::GetAttributeString(), PT::PanoramaMemento::loadPTScript(), main(), BatchFrame::OnButtonChangePrefix(), stitchApp::OnInit(), iCPApp::OnRun(), printImageGroup(), and makefile::Comment::toString().

MAKEIMPEX const std::locale makefile::GetMakefileLocale (  ) 

Definition at line 38 of file Makefile.cpp.

References makefile::Makefile::locale.

Referenced by HuginBase::AssistantMakefilelibExport::AssistantMakefilelibExport(), HuginBase::PanoramaMakefilelibExport::createItems(), HuginBase::PanoramaMakefilelibExport::PanoramaMakefilelibExport(), and HuginBase::PanoramaMakefilelibExport::printSystemInfo().

MAKEIMPEX ostream & makefile::operator<< ( ostream stream,
MakefileItem &  item 

Allows writing to ostreams.

Definition at line 30 of file MakefileItem.cpp.

References makefile::MakefileItem::print().

MAKEIMPEX string makefile::operator+ ( const string str,
MakefileItem &  item 

Allows adding strings an MakefileItems.

Definition at line 36 of file MakefileItem.cpp.

References out, and makefile::MakefileItem::toString().

MAKEIMPEX string makefile::operator+ ( MakefileItem &  item,
const string str 

Allows adding strings an MakefileItems.

Definition at line 42 of file MakefileItem.cpp.

References out, and makefile::MakefileItem::toString().

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