makefile::tester Namespace Reference


struct  TestComment
struct  TestRule
struct  TestConditional
struct  TestVariable
class  Test
 Base class for tests;. More...


void do_test (bool &result, Test *test)
int exec_make (std::stringbuf &makeoutbuf, std::stringbuf &makeerrbuf)
 Executes make with capturing stderr and stdout and feeding the makefile via stdin.


ostreamcout = std::cout
ostreamcerr = std::cerr

Function Documentation

void makefile::tester::do_test ( bool &  result,
Test test 

Definition at line 197 of file test_makefilelib.cpp.

References makefile::tester::Test::run().

Referenced by main().

int makefile::tester::exec_make ( std::stringbuf &  makeoutbuf,
std::stringbuf &  makeerrbuf 

Executes make with capturing stderr and stdout and feeding the makefile via stdin.

argv as required by execvp (execvp takes a NULL-terminated array of null-terminated strings.) See manpage.
makeoutbuf stdout of make goes here.
makeerrbuf stderr of make goes here.
return value of make. Uses macros to extract the value from wait(). See man wait.

Definition at line 50 of file test_util.cpp.

References cerr, makefile::Makefile::clean(), makefile::Makefile::getSingleton(), and makefile::Makefile::writeMakefile().

Referenced by createfiles_make(), and makefile::tester::Test::run().

Variable Documentation

ostream& makefile::tester::cout = std::cout

Definition at line 58 of file test_makefilelib.cpp.

ostream& makefile::tester::cerr = std::cerr

Definition at line 59 of file test_makefilelib.cpp.

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