vigra_ext::EMoR Namespace Reference


template<class VECTOR>
void createEMoRLUT (const std::vector< float > &params, VECTOR &lut)


IMPEX double f0 [1024]
IMPEX double h [25][1024]

Function Documentation

template<class VECTOR>
void createEMoRLUT const std::vector< float > &  params,
VECTOR &  lut

Definition at line 44 of file emor.h.

References celeste::max().

Referenced by PreviewColorPickerTool::CalcCorrectionForImage(), TextureManager::TextureInfo::DefineLevels(), HuginBase::Photometric::ResponseTransform< VTIn >::initWithSrcImg(), ImageVariableDialog::OnShowResponseGraph(), HuginBase::Nona::RemappedPanoImage< RemapImage, AlphaImage >::remapImage(), and PreviewPanel::updatePreview().

Variable Documentation

double vigra_ext::EMoR::f0

Definition at line 37 of file emor.cpp.

double vigra_ext::EMoR::h

Definition at line 169 of file emor.cpp.

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