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AngularMatching::DistSet Member List

This is the complete list of members for AngularMatching::DistSet, including all inherited members.

closeTriangle(Line &line, const Triangle &tri, vector< Triangle > &v) const AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
DistSet(vector< FDiff2D > &points, double margin, double minDist, double maxDist)AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
findSimilarTriangles(const Triangle &tri, vector< Triangle > &output) const AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
getDistance(int pNr, int p2Nr) const AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
getLines(double distance, vector< Line > &v) const AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
getMargin() const AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
getRandomTriangle()AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
getTriangle(int p1, int p2, int p3)AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
printDistTable(ostream &o)AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]
~DistSet()AngularMatching::DistSet [inline]

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