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AppBase::ProgressTask Struct Reference

desribes a subprogess task A progress task describes one operation More...

#include <ProgressDisplayOld.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ProgressTask (std::string shortMessage, std::string message, double subStepProgress, double progress=0)
 ProgressTask (std::string shortMessage, std::string message)
 create a progress task without a progress percentage display
const std::string & getShortMessage ()
const std::string & getMessage ()
double getProgress ()

Public Attributes

std::string shortMessage
std::string message
double subStepProgress
double progress
bool measureProgress
double last_displayed_progress

Detailed Description

desribes a subprogess task A progress task describes one operation

it consists of a one or two word heading, shortMessage and a longer description, message.

Progress can be set directly, or with substeps, subStepProgress

nSteps * subStepProgress = 100%. The progress is also increased by a subStep, if a lower operation completes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AppBase::ProgressTask::ProgressTask std::string  shortMessage,
std::string  message,
double  subStepProgress,
double  progress = 0

AppBase::ProgressTask::ProgressTask std::string  shortMessage,
std::string  message

create a progress task without a progress percentage display

Member Function Documentation

const std::string& AppBase::ProgressTask::getMessage  )  [inline]

double AppBase::ProgressTask::getProgress  )  [inline]

const std::string& AppBase::ProgressTask::getShortMessage  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

double AppBase::ProgressTask::last_displayed_progress

bool AppBase::ProgressTask::measureProgress

std::string AppBase::ProgressTask::message

double AppBase::ProgressTask::progress

std::string AppBase::ProgressTask::shortMessage

double AppBase::ProgressTask::subStepProgress

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