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ExposureResponseFunctor2< OP > Struct Template Reference

just apply exposure and response to linear data More...

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Public Member Functions

 ExposureResponseFunctor2 (double exposure, const OP &operation)
template<class VT>
vigra::NumericTraits< VT
operator() (VT v) const

Public Attributes

const OP & op
double e

Detailed Description

template<class OP>
struct ExposureResponseFunctor2< OP >

just apply exposure and response to linear data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class OP>
ExposureResponseFunctor2< OP >::ExposureResponseFunctor2 double  exposure,
const OP &  operation

Member Function Documentation

template<class OP>
template<class VT>
vigra::NumericTraits<VT>::RealPromote ExposureResponseFunctor2< OP >::operator() VT  v  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

template<class OP>
double ExposureResponseFunctor2< OP >::e

template<class OP>
const OP& ExposureResponseFunctor2< OP >::op

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