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HuginBase::ImageOptions Struct Reference

optimization & stitching options. More...

#include <PanoImage.h>

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Public Types

 vignetting correction mode (bitflags, no real enum) More...

Public Member Functions

 ImageOptions ()

Public Attributes

unsigned int featherWidth
 u10 specify width of feather for stitching. default:10
unsigned int ignoreFrameWidth
 m20 ignore a frame 20 pixels wide. default: 0
bool morph
 Morph-to-fit using control points.
bool docrop
bool autoCenterCrop
vigra::Rect2D cropRect
int m_vigCorrMode
std::string m_flatfield
int responseType
bool active

Detailed Description

optimization & stitching options.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum HuginBase::ImageOptions::VignettingCorrMode

vignetting correction mode (bitflags, no real enum)

Enumeration values:
VIGCORR_NONE  no vignetting correction
VIGCORR_RADIAL  radial vignetting correction
VIGCORR_FLATFIELD  flatfield correction
VIGCORR_DIV  correct by division.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HuginBase::ImageOptions::ImageOptions  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

bool HuginBase::ImageOptions::active

bool HuginBase::ImageOptions::autoCenterCrop

vigra::Rect2D HuginBase::ImageOptions::cropRect

bool HuginBase::ImageOptions::docrop

unsigned int HuginBase::ImageOptions::featherWidth

u10 specify width of feather for stitching. default:10

unsigned int HuginBase::ImageOptions::ignoreFrameWidth

m20 ignore a frame 20 pixels wide. default: 0

std::string HuginBase::ImageOptions::m_flatfield

int HuginBase::ImageOptions::m_vigCorrMode

bool HuginBase::ImageOptions::morph

Morph-to-fit using control points.

int HuginBase::ImageOptions::responseType

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