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vigra_ext::interp_spline36 Struct Reference

spline36 interpolation More...

#include <Interpolators.h>

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Public Member Functions

void calc_coeff (double x, double *w) const
 calculate weights for given offset x.
void emitGLSL (std::ostringstream &oss) const

Static Public Attributes

const int size = 6

Detailed Description

spline36 interpolation

Member Function Documentation

void vigra_ext::interp_spline36::calc_coeff double  x,
double w
const [inline]

calculate weights for given offset x.

x position mod 1
w destination array. must be at least size elements long.

void vigra_ext::interp_spline36::emitGLSL std::ostringstream &  oss  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

const int vigra_ext::interp_spline36::size = 6 [static]

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