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deghosting/threshold.h File Reference

#include <vector>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <vigra/stdimage.hxx>
#include <vigra/transformimage.hxx>
#include "deghosting.h"

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vector< BImagePtrthreshold (const vector< FImagePtr > &inputImages, const double threshold, const uint16_t flags)
 Threshold function used for creating alpha masks for images.


const uint16_t ONE_UNMASKED = 0
const uint16_t THRESHOLD_DONTCARE = 1

Function Documentation

vector<BImagePtr> threshold const vector< FImagePtr > &  inputImages,
const double  threshold,
const uint16_t  flags

Threshold function used for creating alpha masks for images.

const vector<FImagePtr> vector of images
const int threshold all pixels above this thresshold are set to 255, others to 0
const uint16_t flags flags for setting the behavior possible values are: THRESHOLD_DONTCARE – applies only simple threshold ONE_UNMASKED – if pixel should be black in all images after applying threshold leave it in one image (where the pixel value is highest) white, default

Variable Documentation

const uint16_t ONE_UNMASKED = 0

const uint16_t THRESHOLD_DONTCARE = 1

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