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PTtiff2psd is a utility to convert a set of TIFF files into a multi-layer PSD file suitable for opening in Photoshop[*] or the Gimp[*]. It was written by Daniel M German. A multi-platform version is now included with the pano12 library available at Sourceforge.

The functionality is similar to Erik Krause's Photoshop stitching actions[*], except PTtiff2psd is a standalone command-line program.

Many tools such as PTStitcher, nona, PTGui[*], PTmender and PTblender generate output in the form of multiple TIFF files that can be used as input for PTtiff2psd.

Usage is like so:

 PTtiff2psd [options] <tiffFiles>+


       -o <filename>           Output filename (default merged.psd)
       -b <blendingmode>       Specify blending mode for layers (use -h to display them)
       -f                      Force processing (do not stop at warnings)
       -s                      Stack them
       -q                      Quiet run
       -r                      Reverse layers
       -8                      Reduce image to 8bit per channel
       -B                      Force Big, PSB file format
       -h                      Show this message
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