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Panorama Tools and Hugin are complex programs, and many associated websites and programs exist.

Helpful programs

Automatic Control Point Creation

The "Helper programs.." section below is now deprecated. cpfind is the high-quality integrated Control Point finder for Hugin. As it is integrated you will not find a separate link for it.

Helper programs to create panorama projects and control points.
These tools take a number of images, and automatically create one or more Hugin projects, including control points.

  1. autopano-sift-C is a faster version of autopano-sift and is available via the Hugin project.
  2. pan-o-matic is an alternative to autopano-sift-C.
  3. autopano Free version by Alexandre Jenny is a command line closed-source windows program, with advanced matching algorithms.
  4. autopano-sift by Sebastian Nowozin. Similar to autopano, but written in C#. Works with Linux (using mono) and Windows (after adjusting some scripts). It was the first opensource program to employ the sift feature matching algorithm in the context of panorama creation.

Seamless Blending

Unfortunately, the original panorama tools stitcher, PTStitcher, contains only a simple seam blending, leading to visible seams in many panoramas.

Fortunately, Andrew Mihal has written enblend, a great tool to create seamless panoramas from the "Multiple Tiff" output of Panorama Tools.

User forums

  1. hugin-ptx Mailing list Discussion about Hugin, and other opensource panoramic software.
  2. PanoToolsNG Yahoo Group General discussion about Panorama Tools, and Panoramic photography
  3. Max Lyons Forums Discussion about PTAssembler and techniques related to Panorama Tools
  4. quicktime-vr Mailing List Discussion about Apple's QuicktimeVR technology
  5. panorama-L mailing list Discussion about (mainly) non-digital panoramic photography

What others wrote about Hugin

  1. Creating panoramic views using Hugin, Enblend and The Gimp by LinuxFocus magazine. Translated to Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese", Indonesian and Turkish.
  2. 800 Megapixel panorama of Prague created with Hugin. Czech only, but nice image
  3. Ein Einstieg in die Digitale Panoramafotografie German introduction to panorama photography and Hugin tutorial
  4. Open source software Hugin German introduction to Hugin, by, one of the biggest german website on digital cameras
  5. Creare foto panoramiche Tutorial in italian.
  6. Hugin, Software recommendation by german Finepix portal.

Other good panorama link pages

  1. The PanoTools wiki aims to be the definitive reference for Panorama Tools. It contains a lot of usage documentation relevant to Hugin.
  2. DMOZ: Arts: Photography: Techniques and Styles: Panoramic and 360
  3. DMOZ: Computers: Virtual Reality: QTVR and Pre-rendered VR
  4. IQTVRA Links List